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Clarens Day Trip

Take a scenic drive through Golden Gate National Park to the quaint Clarens village nestled at the foot of the Maloti Mountains, famous for its local craftsmen & artists, trout fishing and wonderful climate, Clarens is the perfect day trip town. Spend the day exploring the little shops, galleries and fooderies or picnic under a tree in the beautiful town square. 

There are many vibrant restaurants in the town, Clarens Craft Breweries is a favorite for local beer & lunch. One of the most famous shops in Clarens is the Bibliophile, a quaint and fun shop for any book, music or art lover, with a variety of books, records & CD’s and an artists corner to browse through. For the real thrill and adventure seekers, Clarens Extreme offers all sorts of great outdoor activities, such as white water rafting, quad biking and archery.

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Visit the Ash river Lesotho highlands water outlet for a self – drive tour of the engineering project, a few km out of Clarens on the way to Bethlehem.

Directions from The Green Lantern Inn

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