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Love Lions Alive

Love Lions Alive Sanctuary is just a 10 km drive from the hotel, where life long care is given and pride restored to formally abused lions. The sanctuary is run by Andi Rive, also known as ‘Thandi The Lion Queen’, here the lions are looked after in their natural environment and given the correct nutritional, medical and emotional care they need.

To create awareness and appreciation for these majestic creatures, Andi  gives guided 1-2 hour day tours, this is not for the purpose of feeding, touching or interacting with the lions, only to learn and watch them in the natural habitat, by prior arrangement only. *special tour arranged for Christmas in July!

Do a tour on Saturday morning at 10:00 at no set fee, as this is a wild life reserve. Donations are appreciated!

Please let reception know by 8:00 pm on Friday night if you will be joining the tour!


Read more about Love Lions Alive Sanctuary

Directions from the Green Lantern Inn (16 minutes drive)


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