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Route R74

Meander along the R74 and experience some of the most breath-taking views, stop along the way for a bite to eat or even a helicopter flip!

Sterkfontein Dam offers the most picturesque landscape in the Drakensberg covering over 18,000 hectares. Olivershoek is a favourite spot for photographers who want to capture the Drakensberg Mountain Range. Drive past Sterkfontein Dam, down Olivershoek & stop for lunch at Bingelela lodge, a scenic drive of 105km from The Green Lantern Inn.

At the top of Olivershoek pass is the Boarder Post, visit the Phat chef restaurant & gift shop for a nice break and and some curio shopping!

Take a small detour at the Bottom of Oliviershoek pass, turn right on the road to Cathedral Peak at the Tower of Pizza sign post. Have lunch at the Tower of Pizza or book a helicopter flip!