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Siyathuthuka Charity Donations

Make someone’s winter warmer &
get a free Cappuccino on your way to the coast! 

Drop off donation items on your way to the coast & enjoy 1 or 2 free premium cappuccinos per car, on us!

Siyathuthuka Charity in the poor community of Enthokozweni village near Van Reenen needs your old unwanted adults or children’s clothing, shoes & toys to give to the needy children & elderly in the community.

Clear out your cupboards & drop off the your donations at the Green Lantern Inn, & make someone’s day. Please forward this email to any friends who may be travelling past this winter.

Message to past supporters:

“You made our winter warmer! We can’t thank you enough, your generosity has improved many lives in our community.”

– Siyathuthuka welfare group