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The Little Church

The Little Church of Van Reenen is one of the smallest churches in the world, and the smallest in the Southern Hemisphere, seating only 8 people. 

It was built in 1925, in memory of a former Magistrate, Maynard Mathews’, son, Llandaff Mathews. He died at a young age of 28, in a mining rockfall, trying to save the lives of trapped men. 

His father had originally wanted a plaque placed in the Ladysmith Raman Catholic Church, this was denied so instead he had the Llandaff Oratory built, where there is plaque for his son.

The Church passed through many hands until it was declared a National Heritage site on October 28th, 1983.

Today the Church has a service each Sunday, weddings and functions are held on site too.

(Due to covid regulations Church services have stopped over this period)

To top off the visit to the Little Church, next door is a quaint tea garden and gift shop with everything from old relics & secondhand goods to delicious Msobo jam!

Directions to The Little Church (5 mins drive)

Click here to visit The Little Church & Tea Garden website for more information

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